Review Policy

Thank you for considering Bookish Chronicles as a possible reviewer for your book(s). It is a very gratifying experience when someone asks to review their work. Really, an honor.

Although this blog has reviewed some of the wackiest and weirdest books,  a request for review might be refused due to the following reasons:

  • Time constraints
  • Self-published books

Bookish Chronicles does not have any limitations on the genre of a book as long as the subject is found to be intriguing and itches the tiny nasty nerve of curiosity. Translated works are very welcome; the more diverse, the better.

The reviews here are unbiased and honest. No guarantee of positive review. Criticism, if any, is solely towards the book and not the author or the publisher.

Acceptable book formats:

  • Print copies
  • Kindle versions
In addition to publishing the review on Bookish Chronicles, it will be also put up on NetGalley and Amazon. If you’d like the review of your book to be published elsewhere, this can also be accommodated.

If you are interested in sending a review copy or need further information or just want to say hello, please contact through here.