Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers!

Google informed that:

  • introductions are first impressions.
  • blog introductions should have a hook.
  • interesting facts are good hooks to get unsuspecting readers (like you) hooked to your blog.

Not sure how credible these pointers are. But here you are. Reading this.

So, let’s start over. Bookish Chronicles is a healthy outlet for an excessive love of books. Here, you will find Reviews of random books and Stories about encounters, affairs, flings, and long haul romances with books. Under an odd little category called Quickies, you’ll see Instagram-ed photographs of current reads, or of interestingly placed books with props that were taken on a bored a Saturday afternoon with the sole purpose of chasing away the blues. These come with snappy captions.

Leave back your bookish stories, comments, and book recommendations (the favorite kind of book love) as you amble through Bookish Chronicles.