Trigger Warning- Neil Gaiman

…if I was going to read fiction, sometimes I would only know what my comfort zone was by leaving it…

-Neil Gaiman

Maybe I am not fond of my job, but I love the frills. My workplace doesn’t actually have a library. But they have signed up with a library services company, Kwench. So we have access to delightfully huge number of books. Once, I borrowed Trigger Warning and guess what I stumbled upon?

A nice surprise:

‘I though you’d be here,’ said the Doctor. ‘If I just kept looking.’

Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who. Nerdgasm alert!

[Edit: This post was written a year ago. It was lost in the midst of unpublished drafts. That day of “nerdgasm” was beautiful, breezy and cloudy. I have moved on to a new job since then, which I like very much. Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who have been my essentials to endure through bad workplaces and bad bosses and life in general. Three cheers for escapist fiction of shiny new worlds.]


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