To Jane or not to Jane? Reclaim Her Name

Women have always faced sexism everywhere. The publishing industry is not an exception. The sexism still exists. To escape the prejudice, women writers wrote under male psuedonyms. Some still do.

Women of Prey (Shikari Auratein), Saadat Hasan Manto and Saba Mahmood Bashir

The stories in Women of Prey were first published in 1955 (coincidentally the year he died at the age of forty-two) in a collection with a titillating title, Shikari Auratein. Sharply witty, these stories border on the lines of pulp fiction. Moving round the cities of Lahore and Bombay, the stories show a raunchier and darkly funny side of Manto.

Of female bodies, war crimes, and impunity

While Do You Remember Kunan Poshpora is a critical study on impunity, The Mothers of Manipur is a chronicle of twelve women who staged a historic protest against the armed forces in Manipur on 15 July, 2004.